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Advanced Pro Grout Boost 70oz Acron Collection
Our Price: $72.99
Our Price: $759.00

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MK Diamond Super Hot Dog 10" Blade

Our Price: $59.99
The Super Hot Dog Diamond Blade has been designed to cut porcelain tile with no chipping. It ensures a smoother, more consistent surface finish and eliminates chipping, even with the hardest of tiles. The Super Hot Dog diamond blad has a 10mm rim height and slanted tension slots that prevent dishing and blade wobble. The patented tension slot and ultra-thin kerf allow it to cut with less drag and resistance. This decreased resistance means longer blad life and increaded cutting efficiency.

Cuts ceramic tile, porcelain, and marble
Ensures a consistent cutting edge
Eliminates porcelain surface chipping
Innovative tension slots prevent blade wobble
10mm rim height, extended blade life

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CarpetAid 10oz spray can
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PAM HB220 Hot Glue Gun
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