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Acron Collection (5 x 7'6") - 5 x 7'6" - Rust Acron Collection (5 x 7'6") - 5 x 7'6" - Green/Brown
Acron Collection (5 x 7'6") - Green/Brown - 7'9" x 10'6" Acron Collection (5 x 7'6") - 5 x 7'6" - Grey
Acron Collection (5 x 7'6") - Rust - 7'9" x 10'6" Acron Collection (5 x 7'6") - 7'9" x 10'6" - Grey

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PAMTite Hot Melt Adhesive 1lb bag

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Our Price: $12.49
PAMTite Hot Melt Adhesive 1lb bag
1/2" PAMTite Hot Melt Adhesive Sticks

A unique hot melt adhesive that applies a strong, clear finish bond to a variety of materials and substrates is now available from PAM Fastening Technology, Inc.

While PAMTite is designed for use on a wide variety of products such as finished or unfinished leather, tile, mdf , cement backer board and drywall, it is finding its greatest use and acceptance in adhering carpet tack strips (wood, metal or plastic) to finished concrete. The PAMTite hot melt adhesive from PAM Fastening has a superior non-visible bond that sets in only 60 seconds and can be placed under stress after five minutes. According to PAM Fastening, its performance is similar to a more costly permanent pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive or construction adhesives that may take 2-24 hours before they can accept the stress of carpet stretching.

The aesthetic and eye-appealing adhesive bond is also well suited for use on plastics, EPDM rubber, metals, foils and other unique substrates. With a bond that will last the glue is ideal for use on upholstery projects and furniture repair.

Available in 1/2-inch glue sticks in 22 lb cartons, the adhesive has a softening point of 194°F and the working temperature is from 356°F to 392°F. For best results, PAM Fastening recommends applying the bond using the company’s HB 220 applicator. The HB 220 is simple to use within an adjustable temperature range of 284 °F to 428 °F and has the capability to dispense the PAMTite at the proper working temperatures.

“Since the bond is clear, non-visible and superior in strength, the adhesive can be applied to numerous consumer products in the furniture and upholstery business as well as a variety of other area,” explained Ed Minchew, President of PAM Fastening. “Once bonded, the bond is extremely strong.”

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